What Is the Right Choice of Life?

A self-discovering journey to understand what is the right choice.

Ravin Rau
4 min readFeb 20, 2021
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Every single day we are bombarded with the situation to make a choice. From what to wear, what to eat, till what we want to do, it just a lot of decision-making situations.

Sometimes this situation can be quite frustrating, right? Imagine if there is something or someone that helps us decide. But you know what is more frustrating? When you regret the outcome of the choice you choose, wishing that you can roll back time and change the decision to a better one.

The example above is based on an average person’s everyday life. There are moments where you have to decide, and your whole life course will change. To pick a choice without knowing the outcome, if things will turn out good or bad.

During this moment wouldn’t it be great if you can view the outcome of the choices, you had?

Able to see and decide which choice brings out the best benefit so that you can choose the right one and live a less regretful life.

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There are such moments I face in my life too. The big life-changing decision that I had to take. I often call it my life’s turning point. Moments like choosing whether to settle down in my hometown or start exploring a new city. The moment I step out from my hometown to the independent person I am today, I have faced nearly four life-changing decisions so far.

The decisions that I took back then have consciously or subconsciously pave the path I am going through today. When I reflect on those moments, I sometimes wonder what will my life be if I had just chosen the other choice. I bet things would have changed drastically.

Who knows how things will have turn out? Good? Better? or Worst?

Sometimes I hope to see multiple timelines of all the life-changing decisions and then choose the type of life that I would love to live.

I guess we will never know. One thing I can be sure of was I didn’t feel regret for the choices I chose. Once I choose, I focus on it and move forward.

Even if the choice had some unfortunate outcome, some downfall moments, or turn out to be a wonderful experience. I just keep moving forward because I know I made a choice based on the best thinking ability I had at that time.

Life is a master of choices, and every choice you make makes you — John C Maxwell

You see in life in your life; when we are present with two choices, we always think there will be a better one, and we always find it hard to choose. We try to compare both choices and imagine all the possible outcomes. We try to make sure that we choose the right choice and make the best out of it.

But the truth is there is no better choice. There is only a choice to choose.
We often worry ourselves, thinking that we will regret choosing the wrong choice as if we could even know what we are regretting.

Regret thinking there was a right choice, and we made the wrong one.
But how can there be a wrong one?

The only thing we know is that on the other side of the decision, we will be there. No matter what path we go, there will always be something to love, and there will always be something to be fearful of. The only matters are that the choices that we take, are fully our choice and not by other people.

Life is full of uncertainty, and so with the path that is ahead of us. As long as we are true to ourselves and choose whatever choices we have, I am sure it will be the right choice.

We Paralyze Ourselves When We Worry About Making the Right Choice. Pick a path. Give it your all. Learn. Grow. Reassess. Make a change if it feels right. And know that no matter what happens, you can still enjoy your life and be happy — Lori Deschene



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